The Island’s very own
personal pension plan
designed for Jersey residents


Understanding your needs

Understanding your needs � planning for prosperity

Even though we have tried to make applying for the Jersey Personal Pension Trust as simple and straightforward as possible, it is still unwise to enter the world of pensions without expert guidance. That is why you will need to discuss your future retirement needs with your financial adviser before applying.

Your first priority must be to estimate your needs in retirement. Your adviser will help you make the choices that will affect your future, showing you how your pension will grow, and how you can manage its growth at every stage of your life.

The Jersey Personal Pension Trust has been designed to be flexible in order to help make planning for your future retirement easier. You can change the amounts you save to best suit your circumstances and ensure that the investment mix takes into account the ever-changing economic climate.

An annual review of your pension's performance is a key part of the service provided by your adviser. It is your opportunity to ensure that your pension is still on track to provide everything you expect when you retire.

The Jersey Personal Pension Trust is designed to give you complete control over your pension plan and your future retirement.