The Island’s very own
personal pension plan
designed for Jersey residents


The Jersey Personal Pension Trust

The Jersey Personal Pension Trust is a unique and dependable way to secure your financial future

Reasons to be cheerful:

  1. Recent changes to the Island´┐Żs tax rules now make it possible to have a single, straightforward pension plan for life.
  2. The Jersey Personal Pension Trust offers you a pension plan created and managed in Jersey, by Jersey residents, for Jersey residents.
  3. Using a Jersey trust structure, this pension plan allows you to provide for your retirement in the most tax-efficient manner.
  4. You decide, with the help of your Financial Adviser, how much, how often and in which funds your retirement savings are invested.
  5. When you choose to retire, you can use this same pension plan to pay yourself a tax-free lump sum and an income for the rest of your life.
  6. This pension plan will be treated as part of your estate, so your family can continue to benefit from your retirement fund after you have gone.

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