The Island’s very own
personal pension plan
designed for Jersey residents


key features

The combination of features that make this pension unique


  1. Easy to set up - This new personal pension plan is available now. With the assistance of your local financial adviser, your application to join this plan can be completed and processed promptly.
  2. Transfer in existing schemes - With specialist advice from your financial adviser, you can use this plan to transfer other approved pension funds (including corporate pensions) into your personal pension plan. As an HMRC approved Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS), you can also use this plan to transfer in pension funds from the UK.
  3. Local advisers - This is a Jersey pension plan for Jersey residents. Managing your personal pension plan on a face-to-face basis with your own financial adviser couldn�t be simpler.
  4. Complete transparency - The costs of running this scheme are completely transparent, from the remuneration paid to your adviser, to the fixed administration charge.

Provisioning & Investment

  1. Contributions - Provide for your retirement by making regular or lump sum payments into this plan.
  2. Annual allowance - You can make the most of your annual allowance and enhance provisioning for your retirement by using this plan, even though you may also be contributing to your employer�s occupational scheme at the same time.
  3. Flexibility - You can continue to contribute to your plan whilst drawing an income in retirement.
  4. Investment choice - You can choose, with the help of your financial adviser, from a wide range of top-class investment funds.

Options on retirement

  1. Tax-free lump sum � You can take up to 30% of your plan's accumulated value, tax free, when you choose to retire.
  2. Retirement income � You can draw an income from your plan to suit your circumstances in retirement.
  3. Traditional annuity � You still have the option to purchase a traditional annuity from an insurance company, if you prefer.
  4. Continued benefit � You decide how your unused pension is to be distributed after you die.